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Not real person. An acronym used on web forums when a regular member tells elaborate, troll-like stories about their life. Really it's usually a fantasy of the poster and/or a way to try to make other members jealous or start a flame war.
twinkydinky says: My boyfriend fucked my sister and knocked her up. I am eight months pregnant with his child and she is pro-life. What am I going to do?

blarb says: NRP
by Skippy-doo June 01, 2009
10 0
Nice Relaxing Pooh. A Dump. A shit. To take the papers into the toilet and have a satisfying dump. ORIGIN, British wacky comedians Reeves & Mortimer interviewing model Caprice, asking her "after a busy day's photography, do you go home and have a nice relaxing pooh?"
Put my dinner in the oven dear, I'm off for an NRP
by wuggy December 12, 2007
2 2
No Reason Pain
To wake up one day and have a pain for no apparent reason. Any body part can hurt without just cause.
"I had the worst NRP in my leg yesterday, but now it's gone."
by Bofe1234 January 21, 2008
1 4
Acronym for No Reason Party.Just like it sounds it happens for no apparent reason; but there is lots of sex and lots of beer and moderate moshing.
1:Last nights NRP gave me one hella hangover.
by P'diddy August 14, 2006
2 7