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A condition that some MEN and only Men possess. Often mistaken for Genetal Herpes or Genetal Warts. A ring of small bumps will be found around the corona of the penis head. Can also be found on the shaft of the Penis in groupings. Perfectly harmless. They are a random genetic condition that are NOT medically dangerous or Contageous. Perfectly normal condition that around 1/3 of men possess. The shortening is PPP.
"I noticed I had some small bumps on my penis, so I went to the doctor to have it checked out. He said it was Pearly Penile Papules. He said it was perfectly normal and there was nothing to worry about."
by Bofe1234 January 21, 2008
No Reason Pain
To wake up one day and have a pain for no apparent reason. Any body part can hurt without just cause.
"I had the worst NRP in my leg yesterday, but now it's gone."
by Bofe1234 January 21, 2008
The shortening of the word Professional. Often used by the extreme sports culture.
"That 360 was so fesh"
by Bofe1234 January 21, 2008

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