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NRG is not as described in other posts. Several bouncy house and hardcore compilations have used the term NRG in their promotions, but the genre NRG is different than that.

Firstly, it is usually at 155bpm +, and has no breakbeats.

Hard House is nor like usual house music, nor like hardcore. It is an underground style of music, sigificantly faster than Tiesto and Paul Van Dyk styles at 150bpm.

NRG is hard and fast, it being a branch of Hard House. Producers include Grady G, Rodi Style, Firefox, Alex Penn, NICK the Greek and many more.

Hard House and Hard Dance are different. Hard Dance includes Hard Trance, Bounce/Scouse and other styles.

DJs and Producers include, Andy Farley, Defective Audio, Equinox, Marc Johnson, Paul Maddox, Rodi Style, Alex Penn and more. Significant web forums include and

Noir Records (
Tidy Trax (
Vicious Circle) (
Flashpoint (
"I am going to a Hard House night"
by Hard House fan
"NRG is a branch of the Hard House Genre"
"NRG is 155+ bpm music."
"NRG has a 4 / 4 style beat, not a breakbeat.
by Hard House fan July 11, 2008
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n. A beat style of various genres of electronic music (particularly Nu-NRG, hardcore, & techno) characterized by intense breakbeats or four-beats, with rapid-fire synth melodies and other synthesized sounds

n. the feeling of adrenaline rush attained by listening to electronic music, as defined by listeners themselves
This track has lots of NRG rhythms in it

Can you feel the NRG off this vibe?!
by hyperexcel June 17, 2003
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new relationship glow. The excitement or "glow" you get after starting a new relationship.
"Damn, Sandy can barley walk today."

"Yeah, she's got that nrg".
by ezymny October 05, 2011
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Acrynom for energy. Commonly mistaken for nigger.
1-Hmm... what word is used alot that it needs to be shortened, but has the letters n r and g?
2- NIGGER!!!!
1- No....
2- nrg.. Energy.
1- Damn
by M0D1CA May 12, 2008
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A popular CD/DVD image format used by Nero Burning Rom.
"I'm sending you this file in .nrg format, so you'll have to burn it or mount it to use."
by BQQ May 11, 2005
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Electrons have negative nrg
by Trostanlo September 11, 2016
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