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Short for No Response
When NP gets impatient for a response from Nicolette he ims her and calls her NR which is his term of endearment for her.
by Deana Nicolette January 24, 2008
Abbreviation in bidding terms for "No Reserve" which means: The winning bid will win the auction no matter what the end price is.
Excellent condition! NR!!!
by Bruce Lee April 11, 2003
NR stands for New Rich which is slang often used in internet marketing books and ebooks
The NR often stand a bit outside society
by arjansalomons August 26, 2010
An abbreviation for:

1: Not Really
2: No Rest
3: Not Required
4: No Reserve/No Reservations
5: North Ranch

Joe: Does it work?
Rachel: NR


Joe: Why do you look so tired?
Rachel: NR, college work sucks


Joe: WHAT?! My SSN?!
Rachel: Don't worry, it's NR


Joe: What happened? Why aren't you at the hotel?
Rachel: NR, forgot to book it, FML


Joe: NR girls are bitches
Rachel: HEY!
by MAXoverdrive August 24, 2010
"North Ranch" A seemingly wealthy neighborhood in California mostly consisting of Mercedes, BMWs, Bentleys and The Country Club Estates
Hey Kayli, can we come chill in NR? Carina says we can't come to her NR
by NR Wolff December 05, 2007
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