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Another word for MONEY.
Damn, she got hella NOTES to pay for all this!
by Joshiro007 February 19, 2003
A term used for a person purchasing illegal substances such as crack, weed, heroin, cocaine etc.
Quit trying to hit my note he has been spending with me all day!
by Wilican January 14, 2007
short for "You Notice"
Guy: Dude, look at this picture, note the weed
Dude: Man, i see it!
Man: Guy, it's the shit, yo
by your best idiot April 10, 2010
Any piece of writing that could fit on a post it. Reguardless of if it has a stamp and was mailed. It may appear to be a letter at first glance, but when opened you can see that it is clearly a note.
Hi baby,

I miss you! Have a great day!

(your name here)

This is a "note"
by awesome1316 August 22, 2009
means nice.

like totes means totally.
"Where you going?" "To the derby bout." "Notes"
by joeheadstomping June 19, 2011
another way of saying 'nowt' or 'nothing'
there's note for tea.
by jennifer kk April 23, 2008
Electronic note
Please send me a not-e.
by Hercolena Oliver October 21, 2008

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