A mixture of two elements. NOS is also used for getting 'high'.
by Anonymous March 15, 2003
I need this to make my suck ass slow car run fast.
I wish I had a big Block mopar so I wouldn't need NOS
by J.F. February 12, 2003
it is a very powerful enery drink i havent see exist out side of florida and is the = to drinking 12 cups of coffe
dude im just drunk a nos now everything is going slow
by itsa me you pimpio October 09, 2008
Nitrous Oxide setup by NOS for an engine.

Basically, if you use nitrous oxide, your car isn't fast enough. NOS is crap. Get a real engine and you won't need NOS.
Shit, that guy has nitrous? What a loser. He should get some sense and so some real shit to his engine.
by Anonymous June 10, 2003
An acranom for the company Nitrous Oxyside System. Nothing else. Not nawwss. It a companies name. A ricer's last resort in an argument.
"dood whatz NOS stand for?)
by Obsidian November 19, 2002
a dumbass way to street race if u cant handle it u blow up. If u use it correctly u still gotta buy a new muffler tip any way
nos is 4 cheaters!!!
by chicoblaco June 02, 2005
To NOS up your brain and go ATW.
Man i got so nossed up i went ATW then some.
by i2k November 30, 2003

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