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1. An FPS term (most commonly used in Counterstrike and Call of Duty); a player that sacrifices his team for his own kill benifit.
Lox is a master baiter.
by JoBlo January 10, 2005
A person, who intentionally posts something offensive or ridiculous, enjoying how some people will start raging on him. A goal for some baiters is to start a shitstorm. No one should reply to this kind of comments.
Master Baiter: anime sucks
Some guy, who got caught on the bait: You son of a b****, anime is awesome, you suck, etc.
by hrlemshake November 03, 2014
A fisherman who uses non-artificial bait, such as live bait or cut/whole dead bait.
Some fishermen look down on baiters, but I regularly use cut dead croaker to catch silver trout in the channels. I guess this makes me a baiter, but at least I have a freezer full of fish to eat.
1. a person who thinks they are cool that waits for you to run into B tunnel lets you die, throws every nade they have into B tunnels, then goes in and still dies. kthx
1. Edward "Comrade Chen" Chen
by nukka bob December 07, 2004
A person who is a baiter has no "real" friends because they apply cs commands to their own life as well as miss social events just to play the game. The only person that comes to mine is ... yes im talking about you... The Fucking Legend...
Baiter - some one who waits for his teamate to die then pops out and gets the kill for their own benefit. And then complains!
Me + Eddies Mom - Condom = Eddie
by Kayvan March 05, 2005
The best way to describe baiter is probable ... the legend himself ... yes im talking about XipeR
Like When Eddie plays
by Kayvan February 23, 2005
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