Originally created by two kids named Clark and Mike, the word "Nos" is used to replace "jacking off" or "masturbate" so that they could use the word secretly around people without everyone knowing what they meant.

xMoViEpHoNeX: we couldnt be like
xMoViEpHoNeX: around people
I shiet son, I need to go NAWSSSS!

Shiet, I think I'm going to NOS in G's ear.

I think Eccy's going NOS to Anime Porn.
by Chris [ fo prez ] March 24, 2005
A baiter who plays counterstrike
I got baited by NOS
by merlock July 28, 2003
Funny story, we smoked some weed, and I asked my friend online what weed we smoked and he replied 'nos'
At the time I thought it was a name of a weed. So I'm like to people, 'Yo I smoked some nos the other day. And everyone was like 'Aight' like they knew what it was.
And later in person I ask him about 'nos' and he's like thats my way of saying no online. So now people think nos is a slang word for weed, which it is. Because of stupidity, gullibility, and conformity. But it sounds cool, and that's what i call weed now.
-Yo, we just smoked some nos today.
-Nos? What?
-You know, weed.
-Ohhhh, right nos... <.< >.>
by SexyAlexi September 07, 2004
A really stupid action.
"Man, I left the top down on my car last night, and it rained!"
"Dude, that sucks, you really pulled a NOS."
by VoiceOfReason June 04, 2006
a necessity in street racing, adding 50-150 horsepower instantly at the push of a button
the fast and the furious NOS
by Ching July 03, 2003
When girls don't want to be rude with a boy with a small dick they call him fat nose
Niki is the stronges men ever! When girls dont want to be rub to a boy whit a small dick they call him u have a fat nos !
by Spasov March 17, 2015
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