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its all good - the best way to live your life.
Man.. its all good.. it doesnt matter, look at the big picture
by i2k November 30, 2003
To snafalate something is to teg it beyond ticketing. If it is scanned and snafalted it can be called snafalated prescan.
Man I totally snafalated it, ticketed tegged and prescaned.
by i2k December 30, 2005
To be laptoppy is to want to be on your laptop 24-7 like an addict to the laptop. The laptop has basically become part of you, hence laptoppy.

If the laptop was not part of you, you would not be laptoppy.
If you are at one with the laptop, you have become laptoppy in laptopia.
OMG everyone is drunk so she is going to go be all laptoppy cos she has no one to talk to.

WTF mate.
by i2k May 07, 2008
To WFH is also known as working from LP3.
And therefore WFH = LP3
See 'wfh'
"Dude hes working out of LP3 today so he can sit home all day and relax and work at the same time"

"Dude thats crazy I'm working LP3 stylez tommorow"
by i2k June 22, 2006
To like both Windows 8 "Modern UI" and Apple's IOS and Mountain Lion flavours.

To take it to the max in both worlds, and still be able to be friends with your MSFT loving friends and their "Metro" UI UX and Apple lovers with their fruity UI
Dude, don't fight me on it, I don't care.. I love Apple Mountain Lion and Windows 8. I'm BI OS baby. So calm the fuck down ya cunt! Fruits and Metro they can live together.
by i2k August 16, 2012
To NOS up your brain and go ATW.
Man i got so nossed up i went ATW then some.
by i2k November 30, 2003
Short for "All The Way"
To take something to the fullest extreme is to take it ATW.
Man she went ATW.
Man that beotch was peakin ATW!
by i2k November 30, 2003

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