1. Nitrous oxide (or NOS), a bottle of N2o that people are to sorry to admit are only used to be put on badass cars to make them go a extra 30 to 50mph when the idiots crash into a wall and has to look good, but hay, I use it for my Supra (which is not a fart rice because it is actually as fast as it looks, ricers have them look fast, but they really go slower then the stock version because they tried to tune it from their "inner street racing knowledge").

2. a bottle that 34% of the time is used to be put on fart rice (big difference between ricer car and import car). And when it is equipped, the ricer realizes it's empty because he bought it from the corner store as a drinkable liquid thats called NOS.
Ricer guy: Yeah I need some Nos

corner store guy: Oh, you want NOS Ehh, I got it right here

Ricer guy: Oh, well here's a dollar

corner store guy: No, this cost 5 dolla for 2 liter

Ricer guy: Damnit, I'll just take a small shot

corner store guy: Okay, that 3 dolla and 50 cent

Ricer guy: What!

Corner store guy: Oh sorry, you said SHOT of NOS, here you go 2 dolla

Ricer guy: That couldnt even speed up my hot wheels car!!

Corner store guy: Just getta fuck outta my store!!
by majorhawke June 14, 2011
A brand name, and probably the most popular of them, for nitrous oxide. The name stands for Nitrous Oxide Systems, and well, it is just that. Referred to as "spraying", or "bottle", or "Cheating", it is a very simple way to enhance power of the internal combustion engine. The nitrous oxide (N20) is kept in a bottle and is directed to the intake through your fuel injection or carbueration(more time consuming to install). Thoug it is called nitrous, that is not what enhances performance. When nitrous oxide is heated to about 570 degrees F. (the combustion chamber temperature.), it splits into 2 parts nitrogen and a part oxygen. Everyone knows that an engine likes to breathe, and by the N20 splitting, the added oxygen allows it to do just that. By allowing more oxygen, you also allow more fuel, all this explains the horsepower boost of maybe 10-30% depending on the amount used. As for the nitrogen, well, it makes the exhaust look cool, especially on straight pipes!
realMAN-that cheater is using Nitrous.
Nitrousman-yeah, it helps the engine breathe.
realMAN- Whatever, your head gasket is gonna be leaking more oil than president Bush can deny.
Nitrousman-its a v-tech, it can handle it.
RealMan-you want air? check this out, I got a carb for each cylinder, and i got twice as many cylinders as you, Fag!
by Xrsplentybig July 07, 2005
New Zealand/Brit. slang: Nitrous Oxide, also under the aliases "Laughing Gas" and "Hippy Crack", which give euphoria for a short period of time, taken via balloons that are blown up with the gas and then inhaled.
"Oh man, the first time William had some nos he just sat there and grinned for thirty seconds."
by Liz Fox May 12, 2005
A sexual position in the UK, Its when a man shove's his penis in a womans nose and then spunks into her nasal cavity. Its a cheap way of getting a hit but it's still dirty no matter the way you look at it!
You want to "Nos"?

No you dipshit its dirty!
by matt-cody April 16, 2014
NOS is the term commonly used for Nitrous Oxide, though NOS really stands for a company that distributes Nitrous Oxide for use on cars. There are various companies that Distribute Nitrous Oxide for cars, including NOS and NX(Nitrous Xpress). Though the movie "The Fast and Furious" features the NOS brand and glorifies it's usage, NOS is not the best brand for usage. Nitrous Oxide, in fact, is and should be the last ressort for a modified car. It may be considered "cheap" for use in the streets.
by Anonymous April 05, 2003
A facebook roleplay group formed by the most awesome people you will ever meet. Stands for 'North of Somewhere'. The creator is most likely going to write out all the roleplays into a book, or a series of books.
What's NoS?
A roleplay made up of the greatest people you will ever meet.
by Liannamaybloom July 02, 2011
Someone who is unusually large in the abdomen fat blonde white girl fat obese huge overweight tubby chunky fatass
"Hey nos! Stop eatin them warm delights, ya heard?"
by Bellla Rose June 08, 2009

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