When people are trying to be different, so they don't say lol which means laugh out loud, but instead say NLS which means 'NOT LAUGHIN, SMILING' meaning they are not laughing out loud, just grinning, often used when not even smiling.
George: I hope Rover shits on his face.
Lucy: NLS
by Mel February 25, 2003
Top Definition
Not Life Safe. Compare to NWS, Not Work Safe.
Used for images that are highly disturbing or disgusting.
Person 1: (goatse)
Person 2: Gah, put a NLS warning, Jesus!
by Ssonic March 18, 2007
No Life Skills
Person 1: DAMN, that nigga David is an NLS.
Person 2: You bet!
via giphy
by Moose1299 November 24, 2015
Next Level Shit.
Used among traceurs/freerunners to describe crazy ass tricks.
payrunner: Hey bro did you see Team Farang's new video Boss Mode?
freerunner: Yeah I did, they threw some NLS!

payrunner: Hey did you see the shit Zyrken pulled at the Tempest Pro Takeover?
freerunner: Yeah man they gave him the NLS award.
by dnastyfreerun July 05, 2013
Never get Laid Society
Did you hear about our NLS party last night?
by NLShaters. June 12, 2010
not look safe
to tag a link that may cause use of eyebleach.
I only browse NLS sites.
goatse is NLS.
by pyg January 24, 2007
Nigger loving society. One who loves, likes, or cares about people of African Decent or their culture.
Friend- Dude, I heard your brother voted for Obama. That's so NLS.
Other Friend- Inorite? I'll never be NLS
by Colin the great December 03, 2013
NocturnaL Showmen *
see top definition. our work speaks for itself! NL$ Crew oh three
by nls November 13, 2003
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