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A game where people take turns in a crowded place to say the word penis. Whoever says it the loudest wins.
Player 1: penis
Player 2: Penis
Player 3: Penis!
Player 4: PENIS!!1!11111!1
Everyone in the general area: O_o
by Ssonic March 29, 2004
The only place left in the world where metal will still get you laid.
Ooh, I love it when you growl like that.
by Ssonic April 02, 2006
Ohh.... Heaven on earth
An orgasmic RPG for the Cube... what more can you ask for?
by Ssonic October 09, 2004
Not Life Safe. Compare to NWS, Not Work Safe.
Used for images that are highly disturbing or disgusting.
Person 1: (goatse)
Person 2: Gah, put a NLS warning, Jesus!
by Ssonic March 18, 2007
Zorro's horse. Sometimes called Toronado, a less badass name.
Hey... you! Uh... Horse! -Antonio Banderas in "The Mask of Zorro"
by Ssonic November 02, 2004
Apart from (apparently) being a character in an anime, Keyoke is a samurai-type guy in a book by Raymond Feist.
(note, the book came before the anime and the two are not related in any way)
by Ssonic December 21, 2004
Good guy. Makes damn good message boards. Go iG!
Admin of LUE2 Site and Boards Version 0.8.1
by Ssonic May 24, 2004

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