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A nigger on the go
shit, look at that niggo
#nig #nigger go #nigga #nigga run #nigger
by BIGDANNYBOY March 28, 2009
A white hood rat that listens to nothing but eminen, and talks about 8 mile, he studies black people walking down the street wishing to be them, he sags his pants trying to be thug, he can't tell you the difference between left or right, but he can sure tell you the difference between "The hood" and "The Trap", his favorite phrase is "12" (even tho he has no clue what it means) tell him he's white and your sure to get a niggo whoopin, all around these people think their thugs and tell fake stories about running from the cops, even tho everybody around them knows they have never been talked to by a cop
You: That guy just yelled 12 and then put his headphones in a walked away

Friend: He's probably listening to eminem

You: Yeah he's straight niggo
#niggo #12 #homie #thug #white #wanna be #cops #swag #eminem #headphones #sags pants
by Jim everdean November 10, 2014
A white nigga
Yo dawg, you see dat niggo over there? Bro, he tryin to be a nigga
#white #nigga #racist #wannabe #black faker
by Doug The Dog November 10, 2014
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