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An STD known as Non-gonococcal urethritis. An inflammation of the urethra that can be characterized by burning during or after urination. There may also be a discharge visible at the tip of the penis, especially early in the morning. The discharge may be thick or thin and is usually light yellow in color.
I got NGU from a porn star fluffer.
by Klusky May 12, 2005
An acronym for never give up. Used when you cant be bothered to type out "never give up".
Person 1: I think i'm gonna give up.
Person 2: DUUUUDE! NO! NGU!!
by HoboB07 March 19, 2016
Three-letter identifier for the Navy Norfolk Airstation
VV7A501 is cleared to NGU (Norfolk) via runway heading radar vecors V1 etc etc sqawk 1200 departure control freq xxx.xx, read back.
by Sierra Bravo July 22, 2005
A term used to describe a skanky ho. She has a dirty STD which is undefined
Look at the dirty NGUer
by Overseer April 08, 2005
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