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14 definitions by Overseer

Breath that smells so bad, you think someone farted in that persons mouth, then might have actualy taken a shit in it too.
Man that asshole really had Fart breath.
by Overseer April 14, 2005
literally means father dog in farsi. a term used by the persian community to insult one another or used as a term of endearment.
That pedarsag cut me off on the road so I blew him up.
Pedarsag take out the trash and do your homework.
by overseer April 08, 2005
A dumb FUCK! cant speak right, dresses like a clown, and fights only when he/she has back up. Also look up coward, Bitch, Pussy, shithead.......
Dang yo, dat gangsta gonna get gang banged.
by Overseer April 14, 2005
In some parts of the south it means anal sex
hey babey want to have some corn.
by Overseer April 08, 2005
A term used to describe a person who is of fareast origin (India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka) but lives in America but suffers from a sever accent.
Mostly found driving cabs, and owning liquor stores.
Man that guy at the liquor store was a Raj-Paj I couldnt understand a word he said
by Overseer April 08, 2005
Anything that is over 1000 lbs.
that bitch weighs a shit load
by Overseer April 08, 2005
One who eats dick, One who enjoys munching on cock, dick eater.
Your mom is the best Kirkhor in Iran.
by overseer December 20, 2005