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A sexual position that produces almost no pleasure for either of the two participants. A male must insert his testicles (both are mandatory) into the females anal cavity while she is on all fours. Thusly his erect penis will protrude from her cheeks creating the unicorns horn. The man can then spread his arms, or "wings" outwards placing the finishing touches on the flying unicorn.
Kevin elegantly spread his wings atop his glistening steed of a unicorn, who was quite the hot little number, creating the perfect Flying Unicorn.
by Klusky May 12, 2005
An STD known as Non-gonococcal urethritis. An inflammation of the urethra that can be characterized by burning during or after urination. There may also be a discharge visible at the tip of the penis, especially early in the morning. The discharge may be thick or thin and is usually light yellow in color.
I got NGU from a porn star fluffer.
by Klusky May 12, 2005
A shortened version of SUPER MEGA DEBO
Did you see that kids fat head? That's friggen smeebo!
by Klusky March 21, 2005
A semi combonation of splooge and cum. It is a weak ejaculation do to physical status or poor sperm count. A weaker built person may splum verus a more in shape and heathy person who would climax normally.
The meager AV nerd splum as the cheerleader kissed his nutsack.
by Klusky March 28, 2005
See Flying Unicorn
A variation on the flying unicorn in which the female or "unicorn" is eating out another female.
Kevin rode his grazing unicorn.
by Klusky May 12, 2005
Dirty Old Man. Those people you meet at family gathering and in various public places. They might ask for little girls to join them on their laps. You can tell by the looks of them they just are perverted old men.
The Doms in the park hit on my 9 year old sister.
by Klusky January 25, 2005

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