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1) See SBL as proper way of making statement

2) to say a ladie is good looking, etc.

3) Also pronounced Shi Be Live
"Hey, she be live"

properlly stated: "Hey, SBL!"
by fntiger July 15, 2004
1) to cum
2) to prematurally satisfy ones self
3) to get it on wit the opposite of sexes...
"I gwaged in her eye"

"that cream looks like gwag"
by fntiger July 15, 2004
1) a way of saying something is good or better

2) shi- is the pronounciation derived from shit. . .

3) properly stated SBL; see also She Be Live
"Hey man, Shi be live."

properly stated SBL; "Hey man, SBL."
by fntiger July 15, 2004
1) to be hott, good, awesome, rad, radd, tubeular, radicle, neet, neat, cool, nice, or the like

2) to say a woman is fine

3)to say a thing, person, and/or place is of a good source, or origin

4) an acronym for She Be Live or Shi... Be Live
"Hey man look at that chick. . ."

by fntiger July 15, 2004
1) one that is not normal
2) one that has failed to act in a socially acceptable manner. . .
I spill't red cool-aid on my shirt. . .

"that's gormp"
by fntiger July 15, 2004
1) Of or relating to a tube.

2)Constituting or consisting of tubes or a tube.

3) Shaped like a tube.

4) stolen from science by the surf culture and later by pop culture (in the 1980's).

5) see tubeular for more

6) of or relating to a good thing. See tubeular, supra.
a. " Man that wave is sooo tubular"

b. "I got an 'A' on that basket weaving test." "tubular!"
by fntiger July 15, 2004
1) to cum,come, or get off

2) see gormp; to be abnormal

3) to mess up
"man, you dork, thats gwag"
by fntiger July 15, 2004
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