1) The National Football Leauge (where "sweaty overpaid millionares" engage in highly athletic activity, yell at each other, then go party after the game and get arrested).
If you want to see REAL football played, complete with rivalries, enthusiastic student fans, and marching bands that kick a$$, watch it at the college level instead.
2)The National Forensic Leauge, which holds organized high school debates. They are, as stated in other entries, primarilly held on Saturdays at a host school and less, and there usually is some overpriced food being sold there. The events often run late and it can take forever to find out who won what. In addition, you tend to be required to dress "nicely" (the definition of this word itself is up for debate).
That said, there are tons of events and really something for anyone interested in speech and debate. Events typically include Policy (both 4 and 2-person), Lincoln-Douglass, Public Forum, Controversial Issue, and myriad Individual Events such as Original Oratory. If you're a drama kid, love to argue, or love the nuances of politics, there's bound to be an event you'll excell in.
Many high school kids are highly dedicated to the oft-overlooked art that is debate. They are willing to put up with sometimes badly organized events, possibly unfair or biased judges, and teams who engage in ridiculous behavior just for the joy that comes from knowing you've owned the other team, coupled with the joy that it will look good on your college applications.
Besides, can the football team use words like "inherency", "solvency", "kritik", "DA", and "counterplan" in normal conversation? Yeah, I didn't think so.
1) They watched NFL Monday Night Football.
2) I competed at a NFL event this Saturday.
by killerfiller December 05, 2005
Top Definition
A 4 Hour Commercial, with some occasional Football inbetween.
Hey! I just saw a new Taco Bell Burrito being advertised during the NFL, right before their brief break to some lame Football stuff.
by G-Union 2 August 02, 2004
A league of the most extroadinary football players in the world. It is sometimes hard to watch because every other play is a commercial.
Welcome to the NFL!!
-Mcnabb throws to owens at the 30, owens at the 20, the 15, breaks a defenderrrrr - lets go to a commercial.
by nego December 06, 2005
No Fun League
there is no fun allowed in football any more aka NFL
by defenceman101 January 11, 2009
National Football Leauge. Also Stands For Nigga Fuckin Large. Both refer to the football League.
I was watchin The NFL the other day.

Same here. Them niggas is fuckin Large
by kokokopopopo November 04, 2010
Nigga(s) For Life
The best friend(s) with whom you have been close to for a long time.
You're my NFL, if you need anything you know where to find me.
You dudes are the best friends i've ever had. You all are my NFL.
by Hi, my name is not Scott June 10, 2009
Apart from the National Football League, it is also the National Forensics League, a group of overworked students who are either forced by parents or are overachievers and want to speak and give ten minutue speechs. Most competitions are held on Saturdays, where the people have to dress nicely and wear ties. Most people are forced to eat horrible school food at outrageous prices and judges are bloated constatantly. Events are long and boring, and the wait is even worse. Most public speakers don't write their speechs until the night before.
Day of Congress (At Safeway)

Guy 1- It's so cold...
Guy 2- I know, and they won't let us stay inside the store!
Girl- How long did you stay up to?
Guy 1- I already finshed my speech (the person who goes to Nationals)
Guy 2- 11, I had to write one more speech. (Overachiever)
Girl- @&#*@! I had to stay up until 6 in the morning, then I fell asleep on the computer and my mom woke me up at 6:05 and I had prepare to come here. And I still have three more topics to do? Can I share you speech? (Everyone else.)
by Advent Clandestine January 21, 2005

Formerly the National Football League. Now the Nigger Felon League due to the vast amount of crimes committed by black players. These crimes are often felonies.
The Nigger Felon League (NFL) is on today and surprise, another nigger player has been suspended by the NFL for brandishing a handgun, attempted murder, DUI, drug trafficking, burglary, rape and grand theft auto.
by Hi-Ya Zip August 29, 2011
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