In IMVU Instant Messaging room rules it means No Forced Collaring. IMVU chat rooms are "virtual" rooms with many themes including BDSM and Slavery. If a chat room is NFC it means you cannot come in and role play enforced enslavement on another person's avatar.
Room description "Gorean Hall" NFC.
by Draksfell May 29, 2009
No Fucking Comment. When you screwed up and the last thing you need to hear is a nice comforting comment from a well-intended frenemy.
"Hey buddy it's Valentine's day today... Oh sorry... Your gorgeous girl friend left for your best friend. Well, at least I guess they're having a good time."

"NFC" *sigh* alternatively punch in the nose.
by Tketmad February 14, 2010
no fucking clue.
draik: why is cibe so gay
trix: nfc
by drizaik July 20, 2003
No Fucking Clue. Used to explain a lack of information on a subject. See also NFI
Bob: What are you gonna do tonight dude?
Tom: NFC!
by DocSnappy February 06, 2008
nobody fucking cares
"While you're on this medication, don't drink alcohol."

"That's not a problem. I NEVER touch booze."

by one mouse December 05, 2008
Auto-correction of BFF, also stands for "No Fucking Children". A pledge you make with someone to stay abstinent for eternity so you can live together as old BFF's without annoying children to distract you from your friendship. Commonly used in Northern California.
Friend 1: "Dude, NFC's for life!!"
Friend 2: "For sure, bro!"
by thepurpleelephant March 29, 2015
Not Fucking Cool
I just looked at my wallet and all of my cash is still there, which means I cha ching, charged everything last night, NFC, ( Not Fucking Cool).
by WickedPissuh October 15, 2011

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