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2 definitions by Tketmad

No Fucking Comment. When you screwed up and the last thing you need to hear is a nice comforting comment from a well-intended frenemy.
"Hey buddy it's Valentine's day today... Oh sorry... Your gorgeous girl friend left for your best friend. Well, at least I guess they're having a good time."

"NFC" *sigh* alternatively punch in the nose.
by Tketmad February 14, 2010
17 9
(French) An inquisitive and meddlesome woman who spends her days gossiping. Typically a middle-aged caretaker or housekeeper who has nothing better to do with her life than to spy on people and report any insignificant detail to whoever happens to cross her path. Seems to know everything about everybody, probably knows more about you than you do. Always hoping to gather even more gossip to fuel her endless speculations.
A: 'I met Mrs. Martinez in the hallway this morning... It took me more than 30 minutes to get rid of her endless gossiping.'

B: 'Such a concierge... Is it me or she spends every waking hour spying on us?'
by Tketmad November 28, 2010
8 13