no fat chicks
guy number 1: hey dude you wanna go on a double date?

guy number 2: sorry man i dont got a date

guy number 1: its ok you can go with leslie

guy number 2: sorry man NFC
by jellyrake October 05, 2010
nirvana fan club.where you go to talk about music and will get addicted.
guy one:hi i'm new here and i love nirvana.

guy two:what the fuck? you like nirvana..get out dumbass.
by noname August 25, 2004
Nirvana Fan Club
you dogg, i was just on nfc
o really, that spot is supa fly
by RH July 22, 2003
Nobody fucking cares.
"Like damn, shut up holly, NFC.
by Captain99 May 18, 2014
"nobody fucking cares"

when people just posts things to boast about it or to be a useless person filling up the timeline
(e.g. "I've been travelling around the whole world this whole summer" "NFC")
by nobodygivesafuck April 08, 2014
NFC is a variation of CSB: cool story bro. NFC means "nobody fucking cares" - it is used and means the same thing.
"The other day I was going on a run when.."
by mitchy234 November 29, 2011
(Nirvana Fan Club) Best forum of all time.
The NFC owns..
by QuickDrawMcGraw November 21, 2003

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