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11 definitions by drizaik

Someone who is really fat, for example, VC who never stops eating.
I saw a fat person the other day. His name was Onix11.
by drizaik August 07, 2003
26 15
1. huggles/hugglez, means 'hugs'
2. When anime fans hug each other on the internet.
by drizaik August 07, 2003
13 4
An animal found at the sea.
Look at those crabs, Johnny.
by DRIZAIK December 07, 2003
77 69
no fucking clue.
draik: why is cibe so gay
trix: nfc
by drizaik July 20, 2003
32 26
1. A fat bitch with more rolls than every bakery in america.
2. Generally fatter than most of america combined, except for her equally fat lover Onix11 and almost as fat brother VC.
by drizaik August 07, 2003
2 1
the place where they sell shark fetii for $13
draik: hey look its a shark fetus on ebay wtf
draik's friend: so what i found a piece of toast bitten by justin timberlake.
draik: justin timberlake has no balls
draik's friend: yeah i know
by drizaik July 20, 2003
13 12
A weirdass guy on irc who eats food all day long.
Holy shit it's jackal-man hide ur triscuits lolz
by DRIZAIK November 13, 2003
3 3