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No Fucking Bueno; When something is REALLY bad and needs to be corrected now.
Nurse, "The doctor said that dog's platelet count is NFB and it needs blood now!"
by DannyAnnieBeauFanny January 30, 2009
'Now Follow Back' ... Can also be 'Now Following Back." Usually used on Twitter.
@guy1: nfb

@guy2: I'm already following you.

@guy1: I know, I meant 'Now Following Back'

@guy2: oh, my bad.
by Ilikefries July 07, 2013
Nunya Fuckin Business - when somebody asks you something that is none of their business. This is a polite way of saying that it's none of their fucking business.
Friend - "I tried calling you last night where were you?"
Me - "NFB!"
by JodyMT September 11, 2014
None of your fucking business. It comes from the Bayonnese language of Bayonne, NJ. Made popular by the same guys who said "it just doesn't have the sizzle, sizzle."
Guy 1: "Hey Sally, how many peanut butter bagels is that for you today?"
Sal: "You know how many it is... it's NFB you stupid fucking asshole."
by thedeuceisloose July 06, 2012
No fense, but...

Most used when you want to make any remark to the man you speak with, thus trying not to offend him.
- Hello man! I just drank 6 bottles of beer. Was coool!
- Nfb, It's gonna be bad for you organism.
by moutyjack April 27, 2010
Nasty Fuckin' Bitch
Kristen has a giant trash bag filled with puke in her car...She's an NFB... nasty fuckin' Bitch
by Beerman922 August 18, 2009
No Fat Beaver. Typically used to admonish your buddies for checking out fat chicks.
Guy 1: "Check out the chick over there."
Guy 2: "NFB"
by Woodstock64 August 15, 2008
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