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18 definitions by DannyAnnieBeauFanny

No Fucking Bueno; When something is REALLY bad and needs to be corrected now.
Nurse, "The doctor said that dog's platelet count is NFB and it needs blood now!"
by DannyAnnieBeauFanny January 30, 2009
243 66
What happens when you try ( and sometime succeed, briefly ) to pirate a neighbor's or a HotSpot's wireless connection.

Can also be used when your own PC acts up and does not cooperate with the Wi-Fi connectivity.
During my 2 hour lay-over in LAX, my computer Wi-Denied me. All I could do was play solitaire. :(
by DannyAnnieBeauFanny March 04, 2009
214 43
Having a complete meltdown, over something trivial or nothing at all.
Wow, Meadow just had a Mariah Moment because she did not want the book everyone else loved.
by DannyAnnieBeauFanny January 30, 2009
373 202
The act of pushing cocaine around with the straw.

(Inexperienced users who do not correctly tilt or raise the straw just above the line of cocaine.)
Wow, man.. You just snowplowed that line, are you sure you have done this before?
by DannyAnnieBeauFanny March 04, 2009
236 67
The act of stabbing an object through your temple into your eye. Can be Bilateral and Simultaneous.
"Doctor, this is a case of autocranialocularimpalation via a #2 pencil... She said she couldn't handle work any more."

Simulatenous Bilateral AutoCranialOcularImplation
by DannyAnnieBeauFanny January 31, 2009
189 21
Having unhealthy emotional attachments to people, pets, and possibly inanimate objects.
Miyoko is so CoDependent Marginal Personality with her cats, that she will not let the Veterinarian obtain a temperature, for fear of him hurting Fluffy.
by DannyAnnieBeauFanny January 31, 2009
191 27
Post Guinness Diarrhea - The gastrointestinal reaction one has after consuming 3 - 4 or more pints of Guinness.
The boss took the group out for drinks, the next morning there was an impromptu meeting in the mens room, due to PGD.
by DannyAnnieBeauFanny March 04, 2009
198 40