NERV- a graffitti artist, a bomber, claims throwups as panels, also highly skilled in reverse throwups, master of hangouts and front runners, sydney australia
by terry tuffaz October 16, 2010
Top Definition
Underground agency created by the United Nations to act as a catalyst for the Human Instrumentality Project. The organization's overt function is to protect all remaining human life from angels after the second impact.
God's in his heaven, all is right with the world. - NERV slogan
by ilhazard March 03, 2004
Short for nervous, can also mean pissed off/something got under your skin.
Nick: What happened dude?
Tom: We started talking about the time Billy's sister gave me a handjob, and he got kinda nerv.
Nick: Lol.
by NervBro2 July 25, 2011
a combinatoin of a nerd and a perv.
(sometimes perd)
Nerv: pokemon are sexy!
Me: eww.....
Nerv: *vivid and disturbing discription on pokemon getting busy*
Me: your a nerv!
by Bubba2x4 March 09, 2009
If you have the nerve to do somthink then you've got alot of guts but its used in a bad way.
you've got some nerve thinking you can get away with smokin weed in my house.
by GaNjaGaN July 12, 2004
a person who will own you in everything
you got nerv pwned
by i pwn you September 14, 2003
nerv- dont care or dont ask me

slang of nerveger (ner-ve-ger)
'hay, how r u?'
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