Street slang for Nunchuck, or Nunchaku.
I just got slapped in the face with an NC
by TheGuy121 December 30, 2009
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Nut Crunch. It means something that crunches your nuts.
NC television, NC cereal.
by Iuonno July 08, 2009
It means no comment.
P:Look at this amazinge new
by Cha December 21, 2003
NC means no contact. that is the only way to let go of the one you love.
you broke up with your gf? i'm sorry to hear. she's probably in NC right now so don't expect to hear from her.
by BruceX March 22, 2008
The most taboo of all curse-word combination's, therefore most offensive.
N-C is Nigger Cunt. There, i said it. Are you happy?
by fdsaasdfasd November 17, 2010
Non-Chall. to be un chill or un cool. or to do something not cool or chill.
dude you n.c all day. dont be n.c. you a sed n.c
by crispy noodle December 08, 2010
non-consensual sex. this is a term used in the preview to a porn story, video, or comic, telling you what you'll be getting. nc is usually characterized as rape, so the stories are usually violent.
Hunting Day
( nc, MF )

That story has NC sex! Somebody must get raped.
by lemonlime December 07, 2004

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