local name for North Carolina, the tightest fuckin state in the whole damn country
NC is the mothafuckin shit, cuz
by Khronic March 12, 2006
Abbreviation for no comment. Used alot over instant messaging or text messaging.
Person A: Why wasn't Ethan kickin it with us last night.
Person B: No idea. He was probably trick or treating again.
Person A: NC.
by crZyniggaz June 16, 2008
an abbreviation used when you bang a really stupid but hot chick. Usually they are plastered with enough makeup to fill in a fairly large pond.
yoyo my nig nag, i wick wacked that bitch's bf and NC'd that lil whore, now my dick is covered in eyeliner.
by soochafizzle February 20, 2007
Abb. for 'never change'
Brittney - All the good times! *NC!
by b53 December 29, 2005

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