Acronym for Nigger Be Good Stick
NBGS can be any object, wooden/metal most common are tire irons, half of a pool cue, plumbers wrench or even a piece of rebar.
by omega greek July 26, 2011
An act or an item such as food that is Nasty But Good
The toothless blow job was NBG
by Barty Joe February 16, 2008
Natural born gamer
You got Call of Duty Black Ops? Your a NBG.
by Kigam82 November 07, 2010
An NBG (Nigger Be Good) is any object that could be used to beat your nigger into submission. It could be a stick, batton, or any other object that causes compliance on the part of your nigger.
"Get back to picking that cotten or i'll bust out my NBG stick."
by Irving Johnson November 28, 2003
Need Before Greed
We split the loot on a NBG basis
by Phineas September 15, 2003
stands for Nerdy but Gangster. A group originating in Louisiana, they engage in various group activities such as movies and dinners. The members are nerdy but way gangster for it. They try to embrace the "refugee" lifestyle.
Friend 1: dude, i saw the NbG walking to Best Buy last night!
Friend 2: LUCKY! im soooooo jealous! They are like the coolest people i know!
Friend 1: I KNOW! They totally stole my wallet.
Friend 2: that is...EPIC~
by ImNotYourKing May 10, 2011
Naked Bed Game. More than 2 people all take their shirts off an lay in a bed together, anticipating someone to come into the room.
Hey Tori, and Jermayne! let's play the NBG against ShaPrika.
What is that?
Us 3 will all lay in a bed together with our shirts off, making us look naked.
by Jake O July 02, 2007

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