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4 definitions by Phineas

Someone who is partially, but not completely Jewish. They are Jew-ish. Kinda like a Jew, but not quite.
"Marisa makes matzo ball soup but doesn't ever go to temple, she's so Jew-ish!"
by Phineas October 28, 2004
134 64
A from the nadsat language meaning blood.
After he was struck in the face repeatedly the red red kroovy began to flow.
by Phineas October 16, 2004
51 17
Need Before Greed
We split the loot on a NBG basis
by Phineas September 15, 2003
35 30
A woman's vagina/vag/twat. The place in a woman's body where a man places his love tool.
"I slid my manmeat into her wiener cubby. Want some pizza?"
by Phineas October 28, 2004
3 2