No bloddy good
that teacher is nbg.
by Dave! February 21, 2004
A online game show testing the abilities of Bored people. NBG'S mean NATIONAL BOREDOM GAMES.
Jerry- Did you watch the NBG's on youtube?

Tom- Yeah it was funny and athletic at the say time!
by bballer21 March 17, 2010
New born gangster. Hasnt been around long enough to know the ways of the OG but has his own way in todays world. Coined from Zakk S of M-burg.
Dude i aint OG im to good for that im NBG
by mburgs writer October 27, 2008
NBG="No Black Girls." The act of strictly not dating or have any sexual relations with a dark skinned girl. Its a choice of being NBG or not.
"Sorry miss, im NBG so i will not go back to your apartment with you."
by Jwayze March 07, 2010
A man called Nick who is fond of/or "blows" any of various hollow-horned, bearded ruminant mammals of the genus Capra
Nick Gammer
by Toby Aspin March 23, 2003
National Bank of Greece
I bank, when in Greece, with their national bank. It is called the National Bank of Greece.
by Toby Aspin March 23, 2003
Nick blows goats. Grafitti found in many English places of education. Add it wherever you can.
Do you see that Nick chappy. He blows goats.
Def. Capraphile
by Furious G. March 23, 2003
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