Acronym for Nervous Breakdown.
Chill out, don't have an NB.
by KC J August 01, 2006
NASTY BITCHES:::: :() K-sleazy, B-teazy, and K-eazy get down and fuck your bitches up.
"Nun ya NB.", "Damn, those NB's would fuck you up!" "You going out wit da NB's?!!"
by NBEE April 19, 2008
Abbreviation for Nigger Blood. Way of saying Nigger Blood without drawing ire, or ramifications of Political Correctness. Reference to Black people who are free loaders, non hard working, blames others for their problems, abusive to women, driven by anger and stereotypical of negative attributes of Black people.
Guy 1: Look at that guy living off food stamps, free housing, and never getting a job.

Guy 2: I know. He's an insult to all us Black people, no wonder the others call him an NB!
by TheCareMano January 31, 2009
an abbreviation for "Not Bothered"
Hey! that guy is taking your money!

meh, im NB
by skellyhell October 04, 2005
Cannot be defined
The reader or listener is usually left to guess what this word means
Only two people know the true meaning. Three, if you include Beyonce

The creators, talon and johanna allude some to believe it means "no boundaries," but that's a lie. We just use No Boundaries as a way of life, it perils in comparison to the true meaning.
-Dude, Johanna, that GNR concert was so cronum.
-I know, it was totally N.B.
by tangerinesky June 09, 2007
the perfect booty of a beautiful girl
by Beast April 18, 2003
Someone who loves vladd very much
who is the stupidest norwegian in the world?

NB is!
by Vladd May 22, 2004

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