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Chat speak for "like" usually used by lazy people, or people who want to look cool
LyKe WuT r U dOiN 2dAy????////
by Skellyhell September 15, 2005
the 5th day of the week, usually comes after Thursday.
signifies the end of the week and the begining of the weekend
Dude, what day is it?
Friday my good man
by Skellyhell September 15, 2005
A really lazy way of saying "think"
I tink i may go shopping later
by Skellyhell September 15, 2005
"Nigger" and "Negro" combined into one word
Hey nigo, w'sup ma homie?
by Skellyhell September 15, 2005
an abbreviation for "Not Bothered"
Hey! that guy is taking your money!

meh, im NB
by skellyhell October 04, 2005
a Bucket which is more commonly used for pouring water rather than containing it
quite similar to a bale bucket (for gettnig water of ships) except Duckets have a spout feature to make pouring easier
how am i gonna fill this big tub up with water!?!?!

woah man, calm down, use a ducket, here you can borrow mine
by Skellyhell September 15, 2005
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