nb is an abbreviation for "nose breathe".

Nose breathes commonly occur when you find something funny. Rather than laughing out loud, one exhales or breathe though your nose.
Example One:

Glenda: "most the time when I say lol I don't even lol."

Hilda: *nb* "niether do I just nb."

Example Two:

*Rudy's phone rings*

Hilda: *nb*
by archibaldtheconquistador May 11, 2009
(n) The transition phase between a n00b and one who is fully 1337.
n!b: @11 0f t3h n00bz b3 pwning me today.
1337: Y0(_) //\//\34|\| 70|)4Y?
n!b: w/e
by Johnathan Rivera August 14, 2006
A nerd beaner, a nerdy mexican
Wow max your such an nb.
by azzurra June 02, 2009
Nasty bitches,slut,or a dirty girl
Did you see all the NBs at this party
by #1 assassin October 17, 2010
Nigger-Beater; I.E. a good name for a night-stick or extra large Mag light, baseball bat, etc. (anything you'd hit a nigger with)
"After the fucktard was hitting on my girl, I felt obligated to bust his ass with my dedicated N-B."
by Fughedaboudit September 23, 2004
Abbreviation for the phrase, 'Not bad' taking the n and the b for, nb!
Ryan: Hey mate, how are you?
Tom: nb, you?
by Agent-VIP July 04, 2005
Acronym for Nervous Breakdown.
Chill out, don't have an NB.
by KC J August 01, 2006

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