Shorthand way of writing noob in online games and sometimes used to bypass word filters which recognize "noob" as an insult.
Fackin FAMAS nb, GTFO
by huge ass nub July 10, 2013
(n) The transition phase between a n00b and one who is fully 1337.
n!b: @11 0f t3h n00bz b3 pwning me today.
1337: Y0(_) //\//\34|\| 70|)4Y?
n!b: w/e
by Johnathan Rivera August 14, 2006
A nerd beaner, a nerdy mexican
Wow max your such an nb.
by azzurra June 02, 2009
Nasty bitches,slut,or a dirty girl
Did you see all the NBs at this party
by #1 assassin October 17, 2010
Nigger-Beater; I.E. a good name for a night-stick or extra large Mag light, baseball bat, etc. (anything you'd hit a nigger with)
"After the fucktard was hitting on my girl, I felt obligated to bust his ass with my dedicated N-B."
by Fughedaboudit September 23, 2004
Abbreviation for the phrase, 'Not bad' taking the n and the b for, nb!
Ryan: Hey mate, how are you?
Tom: nb, you?
by Agent-VIP July 04, 2005
Acronym for Nervous Breakdown.
Chill out, don't have an NB.
by KC J August 01, 2006

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