National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing
Some people like baseball, I like Nascar. Its the best.
by nick1369 October 12, 2008
Non Athletic Sport Centered Around Rednecks budwiesermullet fat chicks confederate flag pabst blue ribbon
I was at the nascar race with cleetus and bubba pickin up some fat chicks and rockin with my mullet
by mark koran October 26, 2006
An often overlooked, derided, misunderstood and underappreciated form of American Motorsport; founded in the late 1940's (1947 or 1948; depending on your sources); during WWII and the Great Depression.

It began in a similar fashion to horse racing. (People betting on cars and racers for money. And the drivers racing on sandy beaches, before pavement.)

Superficial people often do not understand it; but it is a Motorsport that requires betting, method and strategy. Almost like Chess or Checkers put on wheels. It is often thought of as "boring" to non-watchers because it is a complex Sport that requires a lot of knowledge about the drivers, the way the cars run, the teams, the team members and the Championship rewards.

A lot of people believe that it's just driving around in circles and takes no skill; but this is not true. The cars are totally different from normal cars. They have no power-steering; and require some of the best handling setups, engines and car parts/equipment that is either bought or developed by the Motorsport teams. Racing in NASCAR is extremely stressful and may require physical fitness. It is a very exhausting Sport, both physically and mentally. The pit crew also must be very skilled and equipped to change the cars fuel, tires and setup in time (usually under 20 seconds) to get their driver back out on the track; and beat the others on time; without making any mistakes as well.
It is a Sport that requires lots of strategy, patience, perseverance, risk-taking, tolerance for frustration, and is actually attracted by a lot of Engineers and intellectuals.

Racers can be extremely skilled but have shoddy equipment or underfunded teams (such as a piston, tire or engine blowing.) and vice versa. Racing teams and drivers often attempt to work their way up over the years; from rags to riches. Starting at the bottom and attempting to make it to the top.

It is mostly seen as an underground (or started as) an underground Sport among the American working class. Capitalism and Sponsorship did not come into NASCAR until the late 1960s or 1970s; and the Sport actually started a bit poor and underground. Today it is actually one of the most richest and watched Sports in the USA; often rivaling the NFL (American football) and NBA (Basketball) in terms of yearly watchers and ratings.

"The 1980s and the 1990s were the best racing years of NASCAR."

"Dale Earnhardt was a very talented and an often very renowned and beloved racing icon in NASCAR."

"Anyone who doesn't watch NASCAR remembers that racer kid Jeff Gordon in the 1990s and his domination of the Sport; and know more about him than NASCAR itself," (LOL)
by Kongamuse February 11, 2015
southern accented nascar driver:

by potweedope October 18, 2008

The professional wrestling of motorsports run by a small group of corrupt promotors who select which driver or team to "push" in order to sell trinkets and t-shirts with that driver or team name on it. Sold out to sponsorships years ago and is without concern for legitimate competition. All cars are spec racers without a "stock" part on them.

At least professional wrestling admits it's nothing but entertainment....
NASCAR is fixed, fake and otherwise only show
by Dirk Laguna March 16, 2005
An excuse to drink beer], with races usually boring and long in length, gratified only by the cataclysmic crashes observed by inebreiated white people].

Simplified to turning left over and over again, it is the most retarded] type of racing.

NASCAR also has an innumberable amount of official sponsors, from Dominos] to Best Western].
Bob: "Hey, it's been 342 laps, don't you think this NASCAR race has gotten a bit repetitive?"

Jim: "Hell no! My moneh sez #4 is gonna crash and burn!"
by Coqui November 10, 2005

also know as the second most popular sport in the United States of America. second only to the NFL.
NASCAR is the most popular form of racing in North America
by kjdsflh;kda February 23, 2008

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