Nascar is one of the more pointless sports in america. The least they could do is turn right and left, instead of just left ( yes, i know there road courses they race on, but leave that to the real pros of F1 and Le Mans) people in America complain about the loss of natural resources, when a good lot of fuel is consumed every nascar race day by the drivers, as well as the beer bellied fans. Those who enjoy nascar are slow to realize that american cars and engines are the worste in the world. F1 has no Ford.. or Dodge.. or Chevrolet. They have BMW, Ferrari, and BAR Honda... all of which are much more highly respected than there american counterparts.
the engineers of F1 were let loose to design the fastest car imaginable.( while still being able to turn) they came out of the draft room with a car that could go nearly 300 MPH, and stick to the ceilings with so much downforce.
Nascar sucks all around compared to Formula 1
by Brian October 12, 2004
A so-called sport in which the most physical activity involved is turning the steering wheel left for four hours. That's all there is to it, no skill whatsoever. And if the driver turns right, a crash occurs.

Highly favored by the lower class redneck person, who would rather spend his tax return on getting into the Daytona 500 and watching rednecks drive their billboard-cover cars in an oval than buy some decent clothing for his/her family.
Hey Darrell! Quit duct taping the whole damn porch down and watch some NASCAR with us!
by Deathgrind > you December 05, 2007
southern accented nascar driver:

by potweedope October 18, 2008
The Redneck Mofia;
Watching a NASCAR race does for a white trash family in Tennessee what watching The GodFather Part II did for a lower-middle class Italian family in the Bronx in the late 70's.
by Miss Mk August 01, 2007
Nascar is just a word that stands for what it is.

Bubba : Holy ****!

Johnny: What?!?!?

Bubba: He's making a left turn!

Johnny: Oh man! This is some wacked up ****!

Bubba: **** Nascar
by haydini February 15, 2009
Never Assume Southerners Can Actually Read
Joe was not well read, but man could he hold his own at the NASCAR preshow event. He won the drinking and sunburned event all from the comfort of his Budweiser jacuzzi that was strapped to the top of his tired hoopty.
by Jonathan Root February 03, 2006
An excuse to drink beer], with races usually boring and long in length, gratified only by the cataclysmic crashes observed by inebreiated white people].

Simplified to turning left over and over again, it is the most retarded] type of racing.

NASCAR also has an innumberable amount of official sponsors, from Dominos] to Best Western].
Bob: "Hey, it's been 342 laps, don't you think this NASCAR race has gotten a bit repetitive?"

Jim: "Hell no! My moneh sez #4 is gonna crash and burn!"
by Coqui November 10, 2005

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