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The phrase "Nice Car" stated in a redneck accent.
Normal White American Citizen (Pointing to a brand new BMW): Wow! That's a nice car you've got there!

Redneck (Pointing to an old rusty pickup truck): Nope. That right there is a purty nascar.
by hlposerpwner April 18, 2011
The total domination or shut down of a person place or thing.

The word: Pwned originated from the word: Owned, which derived from the word: Own, which came from the word: Cat.
Boy says to other boy who just got nuked on three times straight: "You Just Got Pwned."
by hlposerpwner April 18, 2011
To beat someone in any sort of athletic event
Man, he blackmailed me in that track & field race!
by hlposerpwner May 05, 2010
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