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1. Acronym for Need A Life.
2. A more polite acronym to use than FML
Billy: What'd you do this summer?

Johnny: I was pretty much on the computer the whole time. NAL.
by mooth07 October 28, 2010
Another word for butt-sex
"We had nal 3 times last night and twice this morning!"

"My dick stinks from all the nal we've been having!"

"I got corn on my pecker after we had nal, sweetheart."
by Anewell September 13, 2014
An acronym developed in Ann Arbor, Michigan by a renowned Turkish linguist standing for Not A Lot.
Joe: Yo, what's up, Mike?
Mike: Nal.
by Talvin July 21, 2005
Abbrev. 'Newly acquainted lover(s)'. Useful forthat awkward period between having intimate relations with another, and becoming exclusively bonded together.
Bertram: "I say Tuppy! Mighty fine Philly, is she a cough... Friend? Girlfr.."
Tuppy: "shut up Berty old boy! She is Florence my NAL"
by Jamesjudith October 25, 2013
Acronym for "Not A Lesbian" which can be used after any phrase which might suggest lesbianism or lesbianic tendencies.
Female 1: "Last night I saw a naked boob and it turned me on... NAL though."
Female 2: "Phew. See you later then.. love you."
Female 1: "NAL though right?"
Female 2: "Yeah, NAL"
by NALlover January 22, 2010
Nod & Lock. The name of my self acclaimed biography.
Get ready to NAL.Get ready to nal.
no no.
by COOKIES R U May 09, 2008
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