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Media Watchdog group which claims to be non-partisan composed of bored housewives who drink their daily glass of wine a day who believe that they themselves should not parent their children, but in fact, the major networks should. L. Brent Bozell III, the founder, also heads up a similarly non-partisan organization which watches the news networks looking to prove a liberal bias trying to destroy this country, and is against all gay rights.
We, the Parents Television Council are highly opposed to the nudity contained within Grand Theft Auto. Before we thought it was simply a tool to teach the children about Black culture, but now we've learned it's just filth.
by Talvin July 20, 2005
Term referring to a male who has a penis and in turn likes to recieve penis.
You're in for a surprise, Cockfag!
by Talvin June 08, 2005
Popular actor most well-known as Apollo Creed. Is also the only castmember of Predator who did not become a governor.
Man, that Carl Weathers cooks one mean stew!
by Talvin July 05, 2005
How John Stewert refers to himself. Phrase commonly used by those with poor insulting skills who want to show that large nosed affluent fellow who is boss.
Hey...oh yeah...well....you know what...you're just a...a....a....a jew.....Jewy Jewman!
by Talvin July 05, 2005
When the nipples on either a man or woman become hard and erect. Specific erection of the female nipple is known as essection.
Look at her! She has got some serious nipplection going on.
by Talvin September 25, 2005
An acronym developed in Ann Arbor, Michigan by a renowned Turkish linguist standing for Not A Lot.
Joe: Yo, what's up, Mike?
Mike: Nal.
by Talvin July 21, 2005
One who is both belligerent and trash. A certain member on the University of Michigan campus becomes belligetrash as soon as intoxicants hit their lungs and/or tongue.
Tal is such fucking belligetrash, I can't believe it.
by Talvin November 13, 2005

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