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a short abbreviation which is also known as " nigga ass CUNT" u must emphasize the word cunt to make it a full affect
person 1: yo man, my teacher is a fuckface man shit i got a 65 on my concept maps
person 2: LOL what a NAC

Example (2)

person 1: shit man my teacher is trying to rape me! in class!
person 2: what a nigga ass CUNT!
by K_von June 16, 2008
Not a convict,
New age inmates that don't follow the prison code.
People that are more along the lines of being a tool bag and running risk of getting beat up in prison due to immaturity.
Don't listen to that NAC.
by mesheef December 18, 2013
(Pejorative) Jail/prison acronym for "non affiliated caucasian". Used in reference to a caucasian who's not clicked up with the Peckerwoods.
That dude's a NAC. Don't hit us up about his debt. It's all you homey.
by leminyelloblak December 09, 2012
not a checkpoint friend
the awkward person
the one out of the loop
I can't believe that NAC is having a party, especially since nobody knows who he is

OMG! The king NAC just sent this broad a pic of his chode to get his rep up
by The Big Bad Plog February 10, 2011
An acronym defined as Niggas Against Crime. In the lesser used form the "C" may be replaced with communism, crack, cholesterol, etc.
Ya'll going to da NAC 5k this weekend? Niggas be hate'n crime. Raise awareness with DAT 5k.
by foxtrot 84 May 17, 2013
Abbreviation for "Not A Chance".... pronounced as nack. It is a negative form of expression implying that the individual does not intend or want to do something, etc. It can also be applied that some situation is impossible of occurrence.
Guy 1 - "Dude you wanna get hammered tonight?"
Guy 2 - "Nac, I got an 8 AM tomorrow."

Girl - "Do you guys have any vodka for me?"
Guy - "NAC broad! get the f out"
by Mister Teeeee January 13, 2010
Niggas Actin Crazy
Person 1: "those niggas were wild last night."

Person 2: "that's cause they're NAC"
by justgivemeaname757 April 26, 2009
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