N-BOMB is a term used to define the word nigger. The BOMB part of the title is there to show how heavy and dangerous a word it is.
Mike: Did you see the Russian prime minister talking about Obama the other day?

Jeff: No, why?

Mike: Well it all started fine, but then in he came and just droped the N-BOMB

Jeff: No...fucking...way!!!
#n-bomb #nigger #obama #russia #bomb
by chubby thy legend February 17, 2010
Top Definition
Saying Nigga, Nigga-boo, Nigz, Nigger, Niggas, Niggaz, Nigger-toes, Neegroes, Nigros, Jig-boo's, coon, Monkies, Jungle babies, gorillaz, African American, or just plain ol' nig!
You are a big jig-boo coon ass nigga!
by White Lover September 27, 2003
Jimmy just dropped da N-bomb.
by eyeris July 08, 2003
A deregatory term used for African Americans when its said by people OTHER than African Americans.
White individual say: "Hey nigger." That's racist.
African American says to another African American: "What's poppin' my nigga?" That has become acceptable in society. Puerto Ricans even use it to refer to themselves. That's the N - Bomb in a nutshell.
#nigga #nigger #n-word #nig #nicca
by Reem September 23, 2005
A slang referance to the racist remark "Nigger" which is less frowned upon.
*Gasp* "Patrique just dropped the N Bomb!"
by Tony P November 16, 2003
The N-BOMB can be dropped without warning....
dropping the N-bomb is saying the word "Nigger" "Nig" "NIglet" "Nigaboo"
damn that is one Nigaboo
by jim December 12, 2003
Use of the words: nigger, niggaz, niglet, or any other derivation as intended to seperate those with dark skin and of African descent from all others.
Use of this term by such dark skin individuals toward others of similar heritage is sometimes thought of as acceptable. Doing this however keeps the word in circulation and promotes the use of the N-bomb by people of any race.
Black guy uses the N - bomb in referring to his friends including both black and caucasion people: Hey niggaz--hurry up, we'll miss the show!
Just to recap what his friend said the white guy also drops the N - bomb:
Hurry up niggaz--we're going to be late!
Then the scuffle ensues.
Moral: if you are offended when anyone uses the N-bomb toward you; don't use it toward others.
#n-bomb #nigger #nig #niggaz #niggas #niglet #n-word #nigguz #nigs #racism
by Give Peas A Chance April 01, 2006
A slang term which is quite a useful substitute for the word "NIGGER!"
Stan dropped the n bomb in class today. Jamal was like, "nigga what?"
#nigger #niger #nig #nigga #nig-cig
by uro-feces August 15, 2006
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