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N - Bomb does not in fact refer to nigga, niggaboo, or even the always spunky 'nigglet'.

the N - Bomb is that most delicious of tricks, NIGGER. A word which will land a white person in a whole heap of trouble in most civil societies because quite frankly, we need to apologize constantly for using the black people that black people sold us all those years ago. Truly, my bad.

Someone drops the N - Bomb: "How do you babysit a nigger child? Wet his lips and stick him to a window."

Societal reaction: "WARNING, citizen number 002-75-6343 has used the N - Bomb. Citizen will be sprayed with corn paste and thrown in a pit full of niggahs."
by An_Mongbat_01 July 24, 2006

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