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Another use of the word nigger Slang terms include: nigga and nuggah
What up nigz
by Alan March 16, 2004
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A truncation of the word "niggas". Used mostly as a greeting to friends.
"Sup, nigz?"
by Josh Eikenberry June 16, 2003
A shorter way to say the derogotory word "Nigger".
They are such nigz. It's fuckin pathetic.
by foshizzlefcuker September 29, 2006
Big Black Microphone
Do you want some nigz? Or should I get 12?

I brought nigz!

What's that in the box? Just some nigz.
by Strykke November 26, 2007
Meaning "Not in Goal" when playing heads and volleys, or simply a match of football

N.B. can also be 'spelt' NIGS
N.N.B. the last person to call out NIGZ goes in goal until further notice
Man 1: "Watcha wanna do fam?"
Man 2: "Dunno, heads and Volleys?"
Man 1: "Yeah go on then"
Man 3: "NIGZ!"
Man 2: "NIGS!"
by "Youngie" January 15, 2009

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