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guys or girls that add as many good looking of the opposite sex and then flirt via comment box, messages, picture comments to the point where they start talking via aim/msn/yahoo and then progress to txting/calling that person to where they finally meet up and mess around even though they just met each other, and then only talk to that person here and there to keep them interested.
omg i can't believe we did that stuff last night! i wasn't planning on it since we just met and all! hope you're not like that with all the other girls!!

(days later) re:
haha, i didn't plan on it either

kay good! so when are you going to come over again or are you just a myspace whore??

(week later)re:
hmmm i duno! i've got alot of stuff going on this week...

(never hears from again)
by perfectluve20 June 04, 2006

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