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In SSS (Simplified Spelling Society) this stands for 'mine'.

Short version of 'mine' folowing, 'mynd, blynd, dying, crying', etc.
That's not urs, that's myn!!
by Eddie P October 21, 2007
-noun. Synonym of "Man".

pronounced similar to the synonymous terms: mang, mayn, maen, and mahn.

A rebuttal to the third-wave feminist slang term "Womyn". By simply removing the "Wo" from "Womyn" (as feminists did with the "a" in "woman") and making the remaining "Myn" synonyms with "Man", the concept behind the feminist slang is nullified. Proving, yet again, Myn>Womyn.
"Hey myn, how's it going?"

"Myn I schnokered!"

"Woa, myn!"
"Did you just say womyn?"
"No, myn, I said 'WOA, myn'."
by the Citizen Science June 07, 2009
A retorical Welsh exclamation, akin to "Gosh" "goddamit" or "man".
Son- I'm not going to school today mami.
Mother- Oh god what's wrong now, myn?!
by uwanttruthitellz May 09, 2009
1. An entity (human or otherwise)
Hey look at that myn!

Oh, thats a funny myn!
by Jabs May 10, 2006