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n. an extreme myn.
That's not just any myn, that's a myngus!
by Jabs March 25, 2005
adj. 1. extremely satisfying 2. constantly loving or smiling 3. brightly colored 4. silly 5. making a soft thumping noise

Laddle is by far the best word ever concieved. It changed my life forever.

(licking one's dick and sticking it in somone's ear could be described as quite laddle)
The sound that made was laddle.
by Jabs March 24, 2005
interj. 1.said sarcasticly when something has gone horribly wrong 2. said randomly as a filler word

(This word should always be said as fast as possible)

also: gad`ooooooooo
A: Sir your house has just been robbed.

B: Gad`up.
by Jabs March 24, 2005
1. When one is sleeping under a tree and a squirrel jumps into their shirt pocket and becomes their friend. Such a situation could be described as a mustafoe.
Man, I just experenced a mustafoe. It was the most laddle thing that's ever happened to me.
by Jabs May 10, 2006
n. more than one myn
First I only saw one myn, next thing I knew there were myngoli!
by Jabs March 25, 2005
adj. explosively laddle
That toepen match was bladdle!
by Jabs March 24, 2005
n. any abnormal action in any sport in which the result is positive for one of the players/teams involved
Freddy Mitchell, using excellent bofensive vision, snagged a pass knocked away from his teammate in a playoff game.

This is a bofensive struggle!

ex: a punter kicks in the wrong direction, a man with a jet pack deflects a foul ball and makes it fair resulting in a home run, the quarterback tackles himself, a missed dunk results in a 3 point bsket for the other team, etc.
by Jabs March 25, 2005

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