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On hot days your ass and nuts start sweating, and some of your butt sauce begins migrating to your nutsack across your taint, causing irritation and general discomfort
I had serious mustard nuts yesterday while mowing the lawn.
by MonkeyMan1140 May 03, 2009
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When your cum is thick and yellow like mustard.
I had to piss so bad but Lauren wouldn't stop with the head! so when i came all over her face it was mustard nut.
by Chuck Bucket March 01, 2005
2 8
a man with mustard on his nuts

when a man sticks his scrotum inside of a womans vagina and has her urinate on his balls while he ejaculates
im gonna give her a mustard nuts

hello paul mcartney, mustard nuts
by mike December 23, 2004
6 16