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Your Biological parents, or care takers.

Mom and Pop.
The Damn rents are home this weekend so the party can't be here.
by BillyGoat November 14, 2002
1. Currency, Money, Lizard Skins, Green backs.
Hey I think we can get some bread from my rents to buy beer for the party this weekend.
by BillyGoat November 14, 2002
1. An animal from Tremmors that flys by igniting a bodily fluid that shoots from their ass.

2. A Queer, Homo, Faggot.
Hey Burt, theres an Assblaster right behind you!

Those guys are such ass blasters its not even funny.
by BillyGoat November 14, 2002
1. The ass of a female so tight that you believe you could crack walnuts on it.
Wow...If that chick doesn't have a walnut ass I've never seen one before.
by BillyGoat November 15, 2002
What you use to remove feces from your ass. Sometimes newspaper, napkins, and paper towls. Never magazine pages, too slick.

See Also: Corn Cob
Damn! No toilet paper. Looks like I'm gonna have to go get some shit paper.
by BillyGoat November 15, 2002
1. What happens when you sit on a Milk Crate for extended periouds of time.
Man I sat on that Milk crate for a couple hours last night at the camp fire and went to bed with a waffle ass.
by BillyGoat November 14, 2002
Commonly used on the Bevis and Butthead tv show. See bitch
I need TP for my bunghole beoch!
by BillyGoat November 14, 2002
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