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The two words "Russian" and "douchebag" put together. Usually pertaining to someone who is either: Born in Russia, of Russian desent, or even just looking Russian. These people are usually annoying, therefore being Russian and a douchebag at the same time.
Emily: Wow, did you just see that Rouche?
Stephen: Totally, what a OJFB.
by Natasha Vladimirova December 12, 2008
cool, sweet, funky, fly

usually used to describe 1) a chill, outgoing, or edgy person or 2) a fresh or novel idea, phrase, outfit, or gadget.
1) OMG he just gave a piggy back ride to that crippled girl so she didn't have to use crutches..he is SO rouche.
2) Our new lunch hangout is so rouche and secluded...we call it the clubhouse
by rockymountainhigh1234 May 23, 2010

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