a man pussy , a reference to the male anus
You're a mussy -

Show me your mussy -

Give me some of that hot mussy -

by b and e February 05, 2008
Slang word for a gay males ass.
"Wow, that was a crazy night last night, my mussy really hurts today."
by Jason Zamorano September 23, 2006
The backside of a man; a man's behind, butt, gluteus. Typically used in casual speak.
He has a fat mussy! His mussy is ovah!
by OWTFDWIT November 06, 2007
The space between your index and middle fingers.
Boy: I'll show you my weenis if you show me your mussy.
Girl: Deal.
by misskickerr August 19, 2012
A noun with its origins from the Northwest. Mussy can be used in place of anything that is bitchin.
Look at that car, that's a nice mussy!
by tally lama July 11, 2013
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