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1. The act of an activity involving music. (dancing, singing, etc.)
2. Finding new music or deleting music from your playlist.
3. Sorting though your music.
4. Skipping though radio stations.
Person 1: Hey, what's up?
Person 2: Oh, nothing much. Just musicing.
Person 1: Musicing?
by Arichan February 04, 2011
a way of saying listening to music, if you're to lazy to actually say it.
I've been musicing all day!
by Emma Gemma Schnozleheimer January 08, 2008
action verb. To buy, sell, play, listen to, upload, or download music.

Also can be used in past tence, 'musiced'.
Away Message: Not here right now, too busy musicing.

Person 1: Hey, what you do last night- you didn't answered the phone?
Person 2: Oh, sorry, I musiced, I never heard the phone ring.
by D. Grace March 25, 2006
the act of listening to music
shannon: hey whatcha doing?
jenn: talking to people and musicing:]
shannon: cool what song?
jenn: our song
by Jenn Azevedo November 10, 2007
Listening to music while doing something else.
If your chatting on facebook and someone askes what are you doing you say im musicing to kanye west.
by Big Mac $2.99 January 04, 2010
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