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When music is so good it becomes arousing.
Dude, i had a musical boner all the way through the tame impala concert last night.
by Phil lesherson January 20, 2014
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When someone sings so well, so much dopamine is released and spread, that it gives either the singer or the audience a boner.
Person one: Dude! did you hear Alice Cooper's Poison on the radio yesterday?
Person two: Hell yeah! I swear I got a Musical boner about halfway through!
by weirdw1232 November 11, 2013
The way a pretty girl might give a man an erection, a culinary boner is music that excites people.
Dude 1: Have you heard the new Radiohead?

Dude 2: Yeah, and I had a huge musical boner. It's awesome!
by princesscrunchy January 09, 2009

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